BABY Colors mixed with Swarovski 2058 Xilion / 2088 Xirius Rose flatbacks sizes ss5, ss7, ss9, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30 No-Hotfix rhinestones nail art 144 pcs (1 gross) from Mychobos (Crystal-Wholesale)

Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix are loose crystal elements that are backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. These Flat Backs can be easily applied to a variety of carrier materials using standard one- or two-components glues. They are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and cuts. Swarovski crystal elements are Made in Austria.

Article No.: 2058 XILION/ 2088 XIRIUS Rose Flatbacks No-Hotfix
Size : Mixed with Sizes ss5 (1.8mm) – 30 pcs, ss7 (2.2mm) – 20 pcs, ss9 (2.6mm) -20 pcs, ss12 (3.1mm) – 20 pcs, ss16 (3.9mm) – 20 pcs, ss20 (4.8mm) – 24 pcs, ss30 (6.4mm) – 10 pcs
Color: Baby Mix (Assorted Mixed with Chrysolite, Jonquil, Light Amethyst, Light Peach, Light Rose, Light Sapphire)
Total Quantity : 144 pcs (1 gross)
Made in Austria

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